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Nov. 20th 2015 - Cabinet of Curiosities @ the Kelowna Art Gallery 7-10pm Oddities and Weirdness Galore! http://kelownaartgallery.com/go-party-10-cabinet-of-curiosities/

Nov. 27th - Mission Hall - Kelowna Enso Black Light Dance Party 8- Midnight https://www.facebook.com/events/662900883845896/

Kinshira Performance Group

~Latest News~ 

We are tickled pink, Memory Park was a huge success and we are super pumped at how the piece turned out! That being said, there are two more opportunities to catch this lovely theatrical, roller coaster of emotional spectacle at the Creekside Theater this October! Kinshira will have another two showings of Memory Park, October 10th & October 16th. Both dates, doors open at 7:00pm and Showtime @ 7:30pm

You can grab tickets via phone at the Creekside Theater 250.766.9309 or text/call any of our Kinshira street team at (Tait)250.859.6648 (Will) 250.863.4391 (Letisha) 250.681.0108

The reviews are in folks, this is one flow art theater piece you don't want to miss!

........" I am still thinking about it! The cast took us on a deeply emotional journey that had the audience sniffling, belly laughing and in awe. Superb acting, immersive music that fit the acts perfectly"....J.M.

..........."With a mix of poetry, creativity, dance, art and talent with the lights and hula hoops... this is by far an amazing performance!"........J.L

........."I've seen Kinshira many times and have always been spellbound by their artistry with light and movement. I didn't know what to expect as this is new territory for Kinshira, incorporating a story with lights. I was blown away. All your senses are engaged as you are drawn into the story of "Memory Park". "...........J.C.

......."Kinshira is beautiful to watch with their flowing lights and many creative props. I laughed and cried..if you have the chance to see this amazing piece of Kinshira's heart, you should!".......R.K.


Kinshira is a performing arts troupe specializing in fire and glow arts, as well as theatrical character entertainment such as stilt walkers. Our group is composed of 10 performers, all bringing their own unique styles and skills to the collective, embracing the idea of unity through diversity. 

Our name, Kinshira, stands for 'Poetic Movement' by combining the words 'kinetic' and 'shira' found in scientific terms and the Hebrew language.   We've found this description to be an accurate portrayal of this unique and diverse art form.

Based primarily out of Kelowna British Columbia Canada but willing to travel!

The majority of our performances are choreographed to our unique music selection which can be catered to any audience.  Our costumes also follow this criteria. 

If you wish to inquire about any of our performance packages, be it fire, glow or characters, please click on our 'contact us' page and fill out the information with a description of your event, venue, audience and date/time. 

We'd love to make your next event magical!

In Love and Light ~ The Kinshira Performance Troupe

For testimonials from our lovely past clients, please click on our 'Troupe Info' page.